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When you need extra security and a normal door just won't suffice, you need a vault door. Vault doors are near impenetrable from inside and out and can provide you with the ultimate safety and piece of mind. All our vault doors are built with the highest quality materials and adhere to international security and safety standards.

The Vault Door Range...

  • Custom Vault Doors - REF: CVD

    In Addition to a range of ready made vault doors, we also design and build Custom Vault Doors and Vault Rooms. Custom Vault Doors can be built to any specification and security level you require. We will send a specialist to your property to make all the measurements and take note of any special requirements. WE BUILD IT HOW YOU WANT IT.. .size, locks, paint, fire protection levels, security levels, re-lockers, by pass locks, torch resistance, you name it!

  • Light Vault Door
    - REF: VD1L

    This vault door is made for a wood and drywall frame room where a steel door is just not enough. The 3/16" door skin and the 2" channel is easily installed with 6 lag bolts Into your 2"x 4" or 2"x 6" frame.

    PRICE FROM $895

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    Light Vault Door Vault Door
  • Standard Vault Door
    - REF: VD2S

    This 1/4" vault door and 6" channel iron frame is for a room made up of all double stacked plywood or solid 2" x 6" planks You can easily install this door with my E.Z installation kit or build it in as you go.

    PRICE FROM $1195

    Price Detail Pricing Info
    Standard Vault Door Vault Door and Frame
  • Heavy Vault Door
    - REF: VD3H

    Now we are starting to get a little more serious about security and safety This 3/8" vault door and 8" channel iron frame with 14 - 13/16" stainless steel plungers goes well with concrete walls whether you block in a corner of your existing basement or pour solid walls it's great to have a concrete ceiling but a double layer of steel with a layer of plywood in between the two sheets would work great.

    PRICE FROM $1495

    Price Detail Pricing Info
    Heavy Vault Door Heavy Vault Door and Frame
  • Magnum Vault Door
    - REF: VD4M

    It is my best seller for a reason this l/2n thick door skin {3 1/2" over all}comes with an 8"channel iron frame and 8- 1 1/2" stainless steel plungers This is the vault door for the rooms that have all concrete walls including the ceiling.

    PRICE FROM $1995

    Price Detail Pricing Info
    magnum Vault Door Iron Vault Door
  • Magnum Vault Door Extreme
    - REF: VD5ME

    This vault door is made for the serious collector and who love's concrete and lots of it.If you are going for walls thicker then 8" this 1" thick solid door {4" over all} comes with an 10"channel iron frame and if you decide to go with the stronger stainless steel option it will give this door a serious attitude.

    PRICE FROM $2695

    Price Detail Pricing Info
    Magnum Vault Door Extreme Extreme Vault Door



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